Website Redesign

Blogs Team


  • Yuhwei Ling
  • Judy Gardner
  • Julie Still


  • Propose new features for RUL Blogs
  • draft acceptable-use policy for RUL blogs


As reported by Judy Gardner during the March 24, 2011 Web Board meeting:

J. Gardner took Blogs, meaning their direction and need for policies, to the Planning and Coordinating Committee (PlanCo).  PlanCo asks for, initially,  a private group RUL faculty blog and a public group RUL blog (for both staff and faculty to post to).  Regarding policies, Planning and Coordinating Committee discussed whether a blog code of conduct is needed and agreed that conduct is already addressed in existing computer use and professional ethics policies in the Rutgers Policy Library, for example: Section 70.1.1, Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Information Technology Resources; Section 60.4.2, Code of Ethics for Administrative and Professional Staff Members; and Section 60.5.1, Academic Freedom (includes Statement on Professional Ethics).

Individual blogs as well as other special blogs can exist, upon request, but these are to be deferred until secure NetID logins are available.