Website Redesign

CMS Architecture Team


  •   Dave Hoover
  •   Yuhwei Ling
  •   Sam McDonald

Membership notes:

The members are any active Drupal devlopers and Sys Admins supporting Drupal installations.


  • Keep up with Drupal security and bug fixes/feature expansions/updates (core, modules, and support applications (jQuery, ckEditor etc.)).
  • Communicate, as applicable, forthcoming and completed tasks and issues to the Web Board, project stakeholders, and RUL.
  • Plan and schedule regular upgrade and content/feature releases.
  • Research and implement best practices.
  • Document procedures, polices, and maintain development logs.
  • Maintain and advance system applications and services such as SSL & certificates; Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • Anticipate and recommend hardware needs that expand performance and reliability.

Current Projects:

  • upgrade www.libraries indexes pages from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6
  • launch Staff directory (initially mediated
  • launch NJEDL on Drupal
  • create a LDAP/netID login solution for Drupal-delivered systems
  • improve procedures: cron, maintenance themes and messages, etc.
  • prepare architecture for re-design roll-out


CMS Architecture Team – Report to Web Board March 10, 2011