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CMS Architecture Team – Report to Web Board March 10, 2011

Spring-Summer Goals

  • Upgrade development, staging, and production Drupal cores to latest release.
  • Keep development, staging, and production Drupal cores in sync.
  • Support and solve development needs (hardware, configuration etc.) for Release 1.0 launch.
  • Install security certificates to support encrypted logins (all Drupal systems).
  • Install LDAP authentication to allow NetID login for www.libraries, blogs, newsletters etc.
  • Upgrade www.libraries to Drupal 6.20 and launch indexes and staff directory on it (Release 0.5)


Completed Tasks

  • Migrated Zimbrahelp from development server  (reaper64) to  production server (Fangorn)
  • Upgraded development server (reaper64)
  • Upgraded project server (Fangorn; newsletter, blogs, VMC, Zimbrahelp)


Next Tasks

  • Consolidate development projects for www.libraries (staff directory, indexes, & newsletters)
  • Prepare new web server
  • Create a staging core for testing Drupal 6.20 www.libraries
  • Migrate development www.libraries to staging, test and launch
  • Start developing Release 1.0 codebase