Website Redesign

Deliverable 1 - Tabbed Search Box for Design Consultants

This is a first deliverable of the tabbed search box for the visual design consultants.  This version is a manifestation of components of previous iterations of the tabbed search box.

We would like to see interface options for navigation through each major tab along with UI options for a tab with multiple sub-options, Books & Media is an example of this. One possible design would be to use a content slider within the tab to reveal additional sub-options. For examples, see:

The lock icon that appears in the upper right of the Articles tab is meant to signify a restricted resource that can only be used on campus or once a user has authenticated through a proxy.  The lock icon is not meant to appear when a user is on campus or has already logged into the proxy.  Please provide some visual design cues and suggestions to address this issue.

It is not intended to be a fully functional prototype nor a conception of the visual design. This prototype is best viewed using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.  Delivered: 8/3/2011.