Website Redesign

Desirable New Features for Web Site

Information Architecture – Desirable New Features for Web Site (May 3 Meeting)

Discussion was based on a review of ethnographic survey comments and review of other library websites.

Major Services

  • Library Maps + Call number to location assistance
  • Interactive Guide to Databases
  • Mobile version
  • Customization by User/Separate Portals by audience (personalized news feeds, bookmarks, widgets)
  • Recommendations/Comments/Tagging
  • Virtual Tour
  • Assignment Calculator
  • Help needs to be looked at systematically by a team that will provide an integrated approach to help across the web site
  • "Scholarly Publishing Support/Services" as a category, including RUcore, RUresearch, Fordham Lab, e-journals, Digital Curation and Media.   Other U's have "Publishing and Scholarly Support", "Scholarly Publishing Studio".

New Site Features

  • Top 10 databases
  • Alerts/RSS/Social Media
  • Video and other help at point of need
  • Citation Manager help – beyond just RefWorks
  • More assistance finding journals 
  • Better linkage to other Rutgers services (myRutgers, Sakai, etc.) via Rutgers megamenu
  • Call number guide
  • Autocomplete search terms
  • Additional means to get help – tweet or text your question
  • Miscellaneous new elements: Print on Demand/Lost and Found/Disaster Plans/Safety
  • Dynamic news, including tips and how-tos for doing research.

Design Issues

  • Login/My Account more visible, easier to tell whether logged in.  Challenge at point of need.  "Why Pay? Use Us!". Also ability to log out of proxy.
  • Placement for Alerts (e.g. Snow Days), special communications (service outages)
  • "Ask Us/Tell Us"
  • Ability to search just in Lib Guides
  • "Concealed" site search – requires mouseover – eliminates some confusion about where to type search.