Website Redesign

Douglass Reference Page Initiative

Elieen Stec attended the February 24, 2011 Web Board meeting and shared a demo page designed in Libguides that had 4 Librarian Meebo chat widgets (with Librarian photos) as well as links to other pages that support Douglass services and units. The page is intended to be shown on Douglass public PC's as the browser(s) home page during reference hours so that users are invited to contact a Librarian (who are not on the reference desk. The reference desk is staffed by graduate assistants due to the low amount of reference traffic). When the page with Meebo widgets is not shown, the usual www.libraries page will be shown.

The Web Board supports this pilot project and charges that it be developed and supported in a consistent way. We support the idea that it be ready for summer semester.

Following the initial presentation by Eileen at the Web Board, Sam and Yuhwei have met with the Douglass team (Eileen Stec, Michelle Oswell, and Andrew Ruggiero) to discuss prototypes and a plan for implementing the custom home page.

The chat boxes will appear on the Douglass library home page during designated times via a timing script similar to the one being used for the main chat box on www.libraries.  The designated times will be 12pm to 2pm from Monday to Thursday.  This will not overlap or interefere with the times that the main chat reference box on the main library site.  This will be designated a pilot project for the Summer semester starting May 31, 2011 to test feasibility and usability.  Results from the Summer will be evaluated afterwards for implementation in the future.