Website Redesign


Terms have been listed to aid in identifying their usage on the website. Possible alternatives and explanation are also listed as the Web Board seeks to simplify and clarify terms.

Rows that are colored green signify a completed status.

Current Suggestions Explanation Example usage (link) Status
IRIS Library Catalog

IRIS should be changed to a more easily identifable term such as Catalog.

IRIS Change to Library Catalog implemented as of 7/1/11 on current library website as per Cabinet decision.
Indexes and Databases n/a

Indexes and Databases are the collection of Rutgers-purchased online resources that are available to all users of the Rutgers community.  Users accessing from outside the Rutgers University network (range of IPs) need to log into the site to gain full access.

Indexes & Databases n/a
Research Resources n/a

Research resources contain materials that help students and faculty perform research tasks.

They include:

  • Research guides
  • Indexes and Databases
  • Electronic Journal Lists
  • Encyclopedias
  • Learning Tools
  • Libraries toolbar
Research Resources n/a
Reserves n/a

Reserves are materials set aside by faculty for use by students for coursework.

Reserves n/a
Searchlight n/a

Searchlight is an Ebsco tool that provides a general search of the following databases:

  • Academic Search Complete
  • Web of Science
  • WilsonWeb Omnifile
Searchlight n/a