Website Redesign

Ideas & Testing

This section of the redesign website will display segments of visual look-and-feel, information architecture, search interface, and other elements of the future Libraries website as the redesign process gets into the design and development phase.

The Web Board invites the entire Rutgers University Libraries community and, occasionally, an even wider audience, to comment on the design results and contribute to further improving them. We might also conduct polls or online discussions about certain topics related to the redesign.

If you have an idea how to make this broad collaboration practical and useful for all, please leave a comment at:

Questions or Comments?

Presentations from September 29, 2011 Web Board Meeting

Members fromt the Information Architecture, Search, and Mobile Presence teams presented on their respective areas during the 9/29/11 Web Board meeting.

Presentations from the September 29th Web Board

Search Box

Part of site redesign will include a search box on the front page. The Search Team has been working on this and have mocked up some examples to share with the RUL community.

Search Box protoypes (see Documents section at the bottom of the page)

Information Architecture Mockup

The Information Architecture team have mocked up prototypes for the potential layout of the redesigned site as well as groupings of menu items.

Mobile Web Site

Design Prototypes (Dewey)

A design prototype codenamed Dewey has been submitted by our design firm for our review and comment.

Design Prototypes


A glossary of terms have been added to aid in identifying the terms used on the website.  Possible alternatives and explanation are also listed as the Web Board seeks to simplify and clarify terms.