Website Redesign

Instructional videos and other support content for Distance Education

Mei Ling Lo presented at the April 21, 2011 Web Board meeting about the instructional videos that she and Jill Nathanson have created for Distance Education and their continuing role within the website.

To illustrate pages in eCollege and her supporting facts and figures, M.L. Lo used a PowerPoint presentation.  She discussed the need of distance education support based on statistics of growth of online courses at RU. She showed how a course for using the Libraries was created in eCollege and then “cloned” in LibGuides. The request to Web Board is that on the website, a section be setup (and considered in the redesign) so that distance education support materials can be easily found and used by students and faculty involved in remote teaching/learning. Some of the things needed by remote students: how to find resources, how to find help. Faculty: copyright help, how to use persistent URL’s, how to embed library content into courses.  Some Webinars (using Illuminate, available in College) will be created and conducted in the Fall. These Webinars can be recorded and then permanently mounted on the website.

The Web Board decided that it will:

  • Support creating a distance education web presence
  • Invite J. Nathanson and M.L. Lo to assist in creating the content for this web presence as part of the Instruction and Help team
  • Provide support programming for JavaScript PURL widget