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Mobile Library Catalog

Antonio Barrera, a SCI student, did an independent study this spring in which he finished initial development work on a mobile interface to the library catalog, using the library test catalog to develop this interface.  During this independent study he used iWebKit to develop several of the initial pages that would be necessary for mobile access to the catalog.  The limited time frame of this course did not allow for complete development of all the pages that would be necessary for a viable mobile interface.  However, sufficient work was done to show that a viable mobile interface might be possible with additional work.

The current mobile interface demonstrates three pages: the initial search page, the search results page, and the single record display page.  These three pages are not sufficient to release this mobile interface (several additional pages are necessary).  An appropriate library group needs to decide which set of pages is necessary before a mobile interface can be released for public use and appropriate staff need to finish development of those additional pages.

Screenshots of the initial search page, search results page, and single record display page are provided here for informational purposes:

Search page:

Search results:

Single record display:

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