Website Redesign

Search Team


  • Katie Anderson (2013-)
  • Vibiana Cvetkovic (2013-)
  • Joseph Deodato (2011-)
  • Judy Gardner (2011-2013)
  • Chad Mills (2011-)
  • Laura Mullen (2011-)
  • Christopher Sterback (2011-)



  • Define the objectives and requirements for the best search experience through the Libraries’ websites, including integration of search interfaces (where feasible), their presence, content, and mutual relationship. 
  • Design prototypes of the search experience for community review and comment
  • Research discovery layer issues including intermediate solutions.
  • Communicate, as applicable, forthcoming and completed tasks and issues to the Web Board, project stakeholders, and RUL.
  • Document the team's policies and decisions, as well as the principles that have guided the development


Current Projects:

  • Draft prototypes for a tabbed search interface
  • Conduct usability testing to assess proposed prototypes



Search Goals, Guidelines, and Specifications

Usability Testing Protocol

Usability Test A

Usability Test D

Beta Search Comments

Beta Search Usage Data


Search Box Prototypes:

January/May 2013 Update

Version 5

October/November 2012 Update

Version 4

Beta Candidate - Spring 2012

Version 3

Internal Candidates

Version 2

Version 1

Design Candidates

Deliverable 1 - Design Consultants