Website Redesign


Based on its charge, the Web Board can create teams for specific tasks and solicit input and advice from existing working bodies. The work thus requested will be performed outside of Web Board meetings and will become an integral part of the project plan.

Below is a list of teams the Board has or should set up in order to launch or expedite activities related to the redesign. Some teams might have a time-limited role, others might be charged with permanent responsibilities. In some cases, team staffing is already suggested from among Web Board members and beyond; in others, the Board will recommend team members.

  • Web Board Meeting Planning Team
    • Tasks: Prepare agendas and commission reports from teams for meetings.
    • Members:  Tibor Purger, Judy Gardner, Sam McDonald, Chris Sterback, Yuhwei Ling
  • CMS Architecture Team
    • Tasks:  Maintain, manage, and extend the Drupal Core, modules, services, and servers.
    • Members:  Sam McDonald, Yuhwei Ling, Dave Hoover
  • Search Team
    • Tasks:  Define the objectives and requirements for the best search experience through the Libraries’ websites, including integration of search interfaces (where feasible), their presence, content, and mutual relationship. Research discovery layer issues including intermediate solutions.
    • Members:  Katie Anderson, Vibiana Cvetkovic, Joseph Deodato, Chad Mills, Laura Mullen, Christopher Sterback
  • Information Architecture Team
    • Tasks:  Develop and recommend the content structure and information architecture for the website, its navigation system, and its relationship with other RUL websites.
    • Members:  Katie Anderson, Ka-Neng Au, Joseph Deodato, Mary Ann Koruth, Yuhwei Ling,  Sam McDonald, Tibor Purger
  • Instruction and Help Team
    • Tasks:  Develop methods and tools through which the website can become "an integral part of information literacy learning at the university." Research and develop ways how FAQs, “How Do I…?,” help and support pages, chat, hints, labels, tutorials, etc., can be utilized to help patrons to more efficiently perform tasks on the website. Propose a plan for creating and maintaining relevant content, and how it can be embedded in the website for just-in-time help.
    • Members:  Ka-Neng Au, Joseph Deodato, Mary Ann Koruth, Mei Ling Lo, Jill Nathanson, Sam McDonald
  • Website Governance Team
    • Tasks:  Draft, update, and monitor the Website Governance Plan
    • Members:  Chris Sterback, Judy Gardner, Jeanne Boyle, Joseph Deodato
  • Web Farm Infrastructure Team
    • Tasks:  Design and build a redundant and adequately performing hardware platform and basic application stack to serve the RUL web presence.
    • Members:  Dave Hoover, Ashwin Bijur
  • Google Analytics Team
    • Tasks:  Specify what systems will be configured for what kind of data gathering, what reports will be generated and how they will be disseminated.
    • Members:  Sam McDonald, Jeanne Boyle, Christine Wolff, Joseph Deodato, Chad Mills, Ryan Womack, Marty Barnett
  • LibGuides Team
    • Tasks:  Manage and extend content delivered via Libguides. Keep up with the state-of-Libguides (platform), review content (prevent orphan guides etc.), address issues such as communications (e.g. index updates/changes), appropriate use of Libguides (e.g. content, templates), and complete the migration from www.libraries.
    • Members:  Gene Springs, Sam McDonald, Yuhwei Ling, …
  • Access and Authentication Team
    • Tasks:  Define, research, and resolve authentication and access issues with 'single sign-on' as the ultimate objective, where feasible.
    • Members:  Chris Sterback, Dave Hoover, Tibor Purger
  • Blogs Team
    • Tasks:  Complete set-up, propose features, and draft acceptable-use policy for RUL blogs.
    • Members:  Yuhwei Ling, Julie Still, …
  • Mobile Presence Team
    • Tasks:  Define and recommend solutions for mobile versions of the RUL websites and mobile apps relevant to the Libraries’ mission.
    • Members:  Gene Springs, Jacek Gwizdka, Chris Sterback, Bob Warwick, Antonio Barrera, Joseph Deodato, Mary Ann Koruth, Yuhwei Ling, Martin Kesselman