Website Redesign

Vision & Documents

A listing of the sites that are governed by Web Board.

Key documents informing the redesign goals.

The Web Board has analyzed and adopted these principles and priorities (with further prioritization) for the main guidelines of the redesign process.

This is the full text of the research project's report. It contains an ocean of useful insight into how different classes of library patrons use the website and what they consider useful or difficult. An example from the Introduction:

"Tentative observations indicated that students had a very difficult time navigating the site, especially when it came to finding and accessing journal articles. Very few students had an emotional connection to the site, most often describing it as boring, un-engaging, and overloaded with too much information."

The redesign process should look into every constructive comment and determine if it is worth and possible to incorporate into the redesign requirements.

This PDF consists of two pages of 1 diagram per page. One diagram shows content types on the website and the other diagram shows service relationships.